AS and A Level Results

We would like to congratulate our Cambridge Advance Level students on their excellent results received in this very demanding qualification.  34 Candidates sat the Cambridge Advance Level exams.  Our AS and A Level students received the following symbols 6 A*, 12 A, 24 B, 24 C.

Olivia Gould Calvin Nyazema Joshua Moonsamy
AS Level English   A A Level AS level
A Level     Chemistry         A*     English Language A
    Biology             A     Mathematics   A A Level
Physics                 B     Biology             B     Computer Science    A
    Chemistry        A     Physics             B     Mathematics             A
    Mathematics  B     Physics                       B
    IPQ                   A*
Nicola Caldas Dino Belfi Jason Mavolwane
A Level A Level A Level
    Business      A     Chemistry         B     Mathematics     B
    English Language  B     Physics              B     Chemistry           B
AS Level     Mathematics   B     Physics                B
    Accounting   B
Naishe Chivandi Justin Cooper-Bell Phemelo Toumane
A Level Economics   B Physics    B
    English Language    B
    Mathematics           B