Alma Mater students at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo

Eight of our students completed their research internship, in July  2019, at the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo, at the Toyosu and Omiya campuses, as interns for two weeks. 61 students were selected from 25 schools from all over the world.

SIT’s main goal is to inspire students to not only embrace science and engineering as a career choice but also to encourage them to step further to scientific studies and build up a complex scientific mindset. This offer delivers a good opportunity to get in touch with different cultures, to meet and work with students from various international schools.

The program was held in the following areas: -Materials Science -Applied Chemistry -Mechanics -Life Sciences -Bio science and Engineering -Global Science and Engineering -Electrical/ Electronic Engineering -Machinery and Control systems -Information and Electronics -Construction -Mathematical Sciences -Design/ Architectural Engineering

The students had spent 30 hours per week on the chosen program, under the guidance of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students. The most essential event throughout this internship program was final presentations given by interns.

Fatima Varachia Grade 11 Student – Alma Mater International School
SIT introduction by President M. Murakami

Special Guest Talks: Esteemed officials from embassies were invited to deliver some pep talks, such as • H.E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava; Deputy Chief of Mission; Indian Embassy in Tokyo • Mr. Garvey McIntosh; NASA Asia Representative; US Embassy in Tokyo • Mr. Daisuke Tanaka; Embassy of South Africa in Japan

Guest lecture by Mr. Garvey McIntosh; NASA Asia Representative; US Embassy in Tokyo

In essence, Prof. Dr. Muralidhar Miryala (Deputy President and IHIP Director) strongly believes that this internship program is a significant motivation for international students to enhance their intellectual capacities within cutting edge of research.

We would love to thank Prof. Dr. Muralidhar Miryala, staff and SIT for this wonderful opportunity

Opening speech by Deputy President M. Miryala

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