Alma Mater Athletics team bring home 44 medals from nationals competition held in Sasolburg

Screenshot_20171016-101249 20171016_102848Congratulations to our students and coaches on their success at SACSSA National Athletics earlier this month.

Their acheivements were as follows;

  • 1249 athletes represented 11 Regions at the SACSSA National Athletics meeting this weekend
  • Alma Mater represented the G7 Region at the SACSSA Nationals.  44 of our athletes was selected to represent the G7 team, the team consisted of 227 athletes.
  • Alma Mater brought home 44 medals (22 Gold, 12 Silver and 10 Bronze) ‘we won half of the G7 region’s gold medals and more than a third of G7 region’s total medals’
  • Alma Mater produced the Senior Victrix Ludorum of the event : Danielle van Wyk
  • Alma Mater also produced the Junior Victor Ludorum of the event: Rebaone Motsoetla

The following of our Junior athletes ranked amongst the TOP 20 individual performances amongst all participants at the SACSSA event

    • Jadey Hubbard:  12th  Turbo Javelin  – 922 points
    • Khaya Mashangu:  16th 80m  – 910 points

The following senior athlete will represent SACSSA at the NWU Pukke TOP 20 Athletics meeting in October 2017

    • Danielle van Wyk:  U/17 – Javelin

The following junior athletes will represent SACSSA at the Sub Youth Inter Provincial Championships in PTA in November 2017

    • Khaya Mashangu:  U/7 60m; 80m; 600m
    • Franco Roberts: U/7 600m
    • Ewald v Eeden:  U/7 60m; 600m
    • Shongile Kubai:  U/9 Turbo Javelin
    • Kalea Meyer: U/9 600m
    • Daniel Bataille:  U/9 Turbo Javelin
    • Ewan Swart:  U/9 Turbo Javelin
    • Izack Redelinghuys:  U/11 80m
    • Rebaone Motsoetla:  U/13 100m; 200m; High Jump; Long Jump
    • Reinard Swart: U/13 Javelin

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The G7 region won the accolade of scoring the highest average points per athlete: 575 points

G7 were placed 2nd overall on 1240 points, behind Kwazulu Natal with 1585 points

Congratulations to all our athletes; parents and coaches. You are absolutely awesome and Alma Mater is extremely proud of you all.

We wish you all the best with your preparations and we know you will represent Alma Mater and SACSSA with immense pride.